Snow Bengal Kittens

Snow Bengal Kittens

KotyKatz Bengals : Snow Bengal Kittens

We can all agree that snow Bengal kittens are one of the cutest things ever!

Snow Bengal Kittens

KotyKatz Bengals Snow Bengal Kittens. Seal Lynx Point, Seal Mink Point, and Seal Sepia Bengals can all be referred to as “Snow Bengals”. Snow Bengals originated from the original Asian Leopard Cat crossings with domestic cats. Those domestic cats carried the genetics for Siamese and Burmese (recessive to brown), a form of albinism that produced the first Snow Bengals. Because of their beauty these colors were accepted for show and have continued to be improved upon year after year. Snow Bengal kittens can be both spotted and marble patterned.

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KotyKatz Bengals : About Snow Bengal Kittens

Snow Bengals can come in three main colors. The first (and my personal favorite) is the Seal Lynx Point Bengal. The Seal Lynx Point Bengal has the most amazingly beautiful blue eyes and is the lightest and whitest of the three colors. Seal Lynx Point Bengals are born nearly white or with very light markings that darken as they mature. The Seal Mink Bengal is a bit darker overall than the Seal Lynx Point Bengal and will have aqua colored eyes. Seal Mink Bengals are usually born with a pattern already showing and it will also darken as they mature. Last of the Snow Bengals is the Seal Sepia. The Seal Sepia often exhibits beautiful green or gold eyes. Many times a Seal Sepia can be so darkly colored that it is difficult to tell a Sepia from a brown spotted.

KotyKatz Bengals : Other Snow Bengal Kitten Considerations

In addition to the above listed main snow colors Snow Bengals can also be “Silver” and will have a silver coloration to their coat. Eye color will remain the same as the main Snow Bengal eye colors. You will see these kittens listed as Silver Seal Lynx Point, Silver Mink, and Silver Sepia Bengals.  To make things even more confusing any of the three main colors can also come in “charcoal” or can carry genetics that result in them having a darker pattern or the appearance of a “mask”. And YES, they can be both silver AND charcoal Lynx Point, Mink and Sepia Bengals. Confusing right? It is best to consult with your breeder to get their opinion on how the kitten will look as an adult. It is sometimes difficult to predict the final color when looking at a kitten that looks like a little snow ball!

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