Casper – Snow Spotted Boy Bengal Kitten

Casper – Snow Spotted Boy Bengal Kitten Queen : KotyKatz Scarlet Rose Stud : WildStyle Swagger or Simply Bengals Availability : No longer available.     Casper is the lightest seal lynx point of the group, but he will darken as he continues to mature. He has such a great horizontal pattern flow. We have hope he will grow into a big guy, just like his dad Simplybengals Swagger. Another beautiful example of the seal lynx/snow Bengal Kitten!  

KotyKatz Super Moon

KotyKatz Super Moon Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal   KotyKatz Super Moon, or Moonie for short, is a silver seal lynx point Bengal and son to our very own KotyKatz Yaksha. He has a wonderful personality to go along with his striking good looks. Moonie will produce many colors and patterns including combinations of spotted/marble, charcoal, silver, silver seal lynx point, seal lynx point and brown rosetted Bengal kittens. Pictured above, Moonie is enjoying the outdoors at age 14 months and 8 months. He has…