Choosing A Bengal Kitten

Choosing a Bengal Kitten

Choosing a Bengal Kitten
Some say the Bengal Kitten chooses YOU!

Choosing a Bengal Breeder is just as important as choosing a Bengal Kitten. Be sure to do your homework. Developing a good relationship with a credible and dependable breeder will ensure you are buying a healthy, well socialized kitten as well as allow you to gain first hand information from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source. A reputable breeder will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns thoroughly and happily be available after your purchase.

Beware of kitten mills and kitten producers where they produce kittens in mass quantity. Your questions will go unanswered and the kittens will not be as healthy or  as personable.

At Koty Katz Bengals, we will be more than happy to help in finding the perfect Bengal Kitten for you and your home. You can be sure that your kitten is healthy and well-cared for. We will guide you every step of the way by answering any questions and introducing you to our entire Bengal family of both kittens and adult cats. If there are any problems that may arise concerning your Bengal we are always be available to guide you in any situation.  We have a genuine passion for raising Bengal kittens into adult cats, and providing the care and love for each of our Bengal kittens.

Bengals : Is a Bengal right for you?

Are you in the process of deciding if a Bengal cat is right for you and your household? Taking on a new pet is big enough decision to make! Our pets are also our family members! Make sure the Bengal personality is one that will fit into your home.

The Bengal Personality

Bengals are very active, athletic, and fun loving cats. Because of their highly social nature they usually do better with a partner in crime. Be it another energetic Bengal/cat, dog, child, etc.  Bengals love to play! Interactive toys are best…..or any toy…..or anything they can make a toy. They also love to climb, so having several high spots where they can perch will make them feel like king of the world!

This breed of cat is also extremely intelligent and can easily be trained to do tricks and even walk on a leash! They can also be very vocal when they want something.

The Bengal cat is known for her love of water. Some like to swim, hang out in the bathtub or shower with you, play in their water bowls, or in your dishwater! The Bengal loves it when you leave the faucet on and appreciate a drinking fountain.

Although Bengals can be a lot of fun, they can also be mischievous and can sometimes be challenging. Bengals who find themselves to be bored can display unusual and sometimes destructive behavior. They’ve been known to turn on and off light switches, open doors, shred your paper towels or toilet paper, and knock over drinks.

I’ve decided I want to add a Bengal to my home. Now what?

Now that you’ve decided to make the commitment and add this new family member you will want to decide on sex, pattern, and color.  Would you prefer a male or female? Would you prefer spotted, rosetted, or marble?  Colors are a bit more difficult to decide. Not only are their several standard colors including  brown (which can be every shade of brown imaginable), silver, seal lynx, seal minks and  seal sepia there are also non standard colors like  blue, melanistic, cinnamon, chocolate, charcoal, etc.  I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the idea!

Bengal Kittens: Should I choose a male or female?

As with most animals each kitten has their own individual personality regardless of sex and they don’t always fit into the typical mold. While genetics definitely play a role, much of a Bengal’s individual personality develops through their interactions with you, their owner. Take into consideration your current pets and how they will adjust to the new family member when deciding which kitten is for you.

Male Bengals tend to be higher energy and larger than the female. The average male can be from 12-16 pounds while the female averages 8-10 pounds. Males tend to be more affectionate and cuddly while females can tend to be more aloof. But then again, they don’t always fit into typical mold. Males, due to their high energy, and love of attention, can be more destructive than the female.

Your best bet at determining personality is to actually visit with the Bengal kittens you are considering. Their wonderful personalities will shine through and before you know it, your perfect Bengal will have chosen YOU!

Bengal Kittens: How much does a Bengal kitten cost?

Here at Koty Katz Bengals, we price each kitten individually based the quality of their traits.  There are three main types of Bengal Cats :

  • Pet Quality Bengal Kittens – Though pet quality Bengal kittens are not good for cat show, and are not to be breed, they are still beautiful and have the temperament of a perfect house companion and friend.
  • Breeder Quality Bengal Kittens – Breeder quality Bengals are ideal for passing on the specific traits in producing desirable Bengal Kittens. As such, one would not want to buy a Breeder Quality Bengal kitten if one did not have plans to start their own Bengal cattery.
  • Show Quality Bengal Kittens – Show Quality Bengals are those whose general and specific traits are clearly noticeable and abide by the standards set by Bengal organizations such as the International Bengal Breeders Association and International Bengal Cat Society.

Keep in mind that owning a pet requires more than just the initial purchase price. Food, spaying, toys, and emergency medical treatments are all extra costs that you will encounter. You should definitely have a stable source of income. It is really a very big responsibility to have a beautiful and rare cat breed to care for. Just as choosing the perfect Bengal Kitten for you can take a lot of time, especially if this is your first, it will also be a lot more expensive than a normal cat.

Bengal Kittens: Final Considerations

Owning a Bengal cat is a lifelong commitment. Always consider the Bengal cat breeder who takes care of your Bengal cat before you bring it home. In him or her lies the correct upbringing and health foundation of your Bengal Kitten, so you should definitely include your reputable Bengal cat breeder in your list of best choices for choosing a Bengal Kitten. At KotyKatz Bengals, we always welcome potential Bengal parents to come and look at our Bengals kittens and adult cats in our home first.

Choosing a Bengal Kitten

Choosing a Bengal Kitten