Kittens & Retired Adults

Available Kittens & Retired Adults

Updated 6/13/24

Welcome to KotyKatz. Listed below you will find a collection of currently available kittens, kittens who are in the evaluation stage prior to being made available, and up and coming litters! Occasionally, we will also list retired adults looking for their forever home.


If you’re interested in one of our kittens, please take a moment to tell us about yourself. Click here to fill out our pet kitten questionnaire.

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Retired Adults are currently available. Please contact me for more information!

Wendy – Silver Rosetted Female Bengal Kitten

Wendy – Silver Rosetted Female Bengal Kitten This precious little silver girl has very nice acreage between her spotting which will make those rosettes really stand out! She also has no warm tones to her coat keeping her coat very clear and contrasted. To watch little Wendy grow and change please do sign up for…

Lemmy – Brown Charcoal Male Bengal Kitten

Lemmy – Brown Charcoal Male Bengal Kitten One of my favorite Bengal colors! Lemmy is a Brown Charcoal Bengal kitten. He has a very handsome face mask and really nice contrast between his ground color and spotting. He will grow up to be the male version of his mom KotyKatz Messi! If you would like…

KotyKatz Oka

  Oka would most likely prefer a quieter home. She is very sweet once she gets to know you but takes a bit to warm up to strangers. Oka gets along fine with dogs and with other cats that are not aggressive. She will stand her ground if confronted. She would most likely do fine…

Naples Calusa of KotyKatz

  Calusa Is not a very big cat at 9 pounds but what he lacks in size he makes up for with his sweet, sweet personality. Many people have concerns when considering a retired breeding male that they might mark territory. Calusa has never marked territory even as a breeder so I don’t expect this…

KotyKatz Ice Storm

Ice Storm is retired and ready for a nice quiet home with lots of love. Ici is a bit on the reserved side when it comes to us humans. She loves you when you are feeding her some yummy canned food but other than that she sticks to herself. She gets along very well with…