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Planned Bengal Kitten Litters

Now Accepting Advance Deposits on Upcoming Bengal Kitten Litters!


We are now accepting advance deposits on our upcoming Bengal kitten litters due over the next few months!

Stud: Naples Calusa of KotyKatz
Queen: KotyKatz Ponyo

Naples Calusa of KotyKatz & KotyKatz Ponyo – Ponyo has produced some of our most amazing litters! This will be her last litter with us and she will be retiring after to live out her life as a spoiled pet. This litter can produce Silver, Seal Lynx Point, and brown in spotted, marble and/or charcoal.

Stud: Naples Calusa of KotyKatz
Queen: KotyKatz Winters Dalience

This litter should be gorgeous! I can not wait to see the genetics work their magic with this litter. The litter can produce Brown, silver, Seal Lynx Point, Silver Seal Lynx Point, in spotted, marble and/or Charcoal.

Naples Calusa of KotyKatz and KotyKatz Funky Fidget

Stud: Naples Calusa of KotyKatz
Queen: KotyKatz Funky Fidget

This will be the second litter between these two and we can only hope the kittens are as gorgeous as the first! Maybe we’ll see another blue kitten??? Kittens from this litter have the potential to be spotted, marble or charcoal patterned. Colors produced can be brown, silver, blue, silver blue, seal lynx point or silver seal lynx point.

Check back often for information on upcoming litters! In the mean time, please sign up for our notifications!



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