LotsOfSpots Compton of KotyKatz

LotsOfSpots Compton of KotyKatz

Silver Seal Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal Stud


Compton comes to us from our good friend Melissa Dorko (Lotsofspots Bengals) in the wonderful state of Texas! Compton is a Silver Seal Lynx Point. Seal Lynx Points can take longer to get their color so we are just now really seeing those beautiful rosettes. Compton has a beautiful face and head shape with big eyes, nice pronounced whisker pads, puffy nose leather and great ear placement. His personality is super sweet and he’s a big lap cat. Watch his personality video and you will see what I mean!

Let me introduce myself to you! Click here to see a glimpse of my personality!

If you’d like to see Compton’s pedigree, please click here.
❤PK-def : N/N PRA : N/N                  HCM: Negative 3/17/2024


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