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The Seal Lynx Point Bengal – Also Known as a Snow Bengal

Welcome to our page about the blue eyed beauties known as “snow!”

Snow Bengal KittensBengal cats and kittens on this page are not available and pictures are provided for example only. Please see our page of available Bengal Kittens if you are looking for a kitten.

“Snow” is a slang term used to describe the Seal Lynx Point Bengal. It is also used by some to refer to Seal Mink Bengals or Seal Sepia Bengals. Snow Bengals originated from the recessive genes for Siamese and Burmese (cs, cb) carried by the original domestic and purebred cats that were bred to the Asian Leopard Cat to create the Bengal breed. The first generation Bengal, F1, can never be a “snow” because the Asian Leopard cats lack the recessive Siamese/Burmese gene to produce this color. Snow Bengals can be produced at the 2nd generation (and generations after) if the recessive genes are carried by both parents.

Let’s start with some SNOW BENGAL COLOR BASICS

There are three main colors of a Snow Bengal:

    1. The Seal Lynx Point (cs/cs) Bengal has beautiful blue eyes and has the lightest and whitest background color of the three snow variations. Seal Lynx Point Bengals can be born nearly all white with no pattern visible or with very light markings that darken as they mature. It is important to work with a breeder who knows how their kitten colors develop so you know what to expect from your kitten as it matures into an adult.
    2. The Seal Mink (cs/cb) Bengal is a bit darker overall than the Seal Lynx Point Bengal and will have aqua colored eyes as an adult. Seal Mink Bengals are usually born with a pattern already showing and it will also darken as they mature.
    3. Seal Sepia (cb/cb) Bengal often exhibits beautiful green or gold eyes. A Seal Sepia Bengal can be so darkly colored that it is sometimes difficult to tell a Sepia from a brown spotted Bengal.

Other Snow Bengal Kitten Considerations – Each of the three main colors of Snow Bengals can also be “Silver” and/or “Charcoal.”

Silver Snows will have a silver coloration to their pattern. Eye color will remain the same as the main Snow Bengal eye colors. You will see these kittens listed as Silver Seal Lynx Point, Silver Mink, and Silver Sepia Bengals.

Charcoal Snows will have a dark facial mask and sometimes a dark cape that covers the back. You will see these kittens listed as Charcoal Seal Lynx Point, Charcoal Mink, and Charcoal Sepia Bengals.

Wait a minute? So the Snow Bengal can be both silver AND charcoal?

YES, they can be both silver AND charcoal with a base color of Seal Lynx Point, Seal Mink, or Seal Sepia Bengal. Confusing right? It is best to consult with your breeder to get their opinion on how your snow kitten will look as an adult. It is sometimes difficult to predict the final adult color when looking at a kitten that looks like a little snow ball!

Why does my Snow Bengal Kitten’s eyes glow red?

Snow Red GlowAs for that red glow, it is caused by light reflected from a layer of tissue called the “tapetum lucidum” which lines the back of the eyeball behind the retina. The true blue eyes of a Seal Lynx Point Bengal will reflect red. The specific glow color varies based on the animal and amount of zinc or riboflavin present in pigment cells within the tapetum lucidum. Gold or green eyed Bengal cat’s eyes will glow green.


What Kinds of Snow Bengal Kittens can I find at KotyKatz?
I think we can all agree that Snow Bengal kittens are one of the cutest Bengals ever! At KotyKatz Bengals, we specialize in my favorite snow color, the Seal Lynx Point. 

KotyKatz Snow Bengal Collage

I would have to say I favor the Seal Lynx Point because they usually have the lightest background color with those beautiful blue eyes! I have been working several years to intensify the color of the pattern on my Seal Lynx Point Bengals (spots, rosettes, and marbling.) Making the pattern as dark as possible while maintaining the light background for contrast is my goal. Many of my Seal Lynx Point Bengals are often confused with Mink Bengals because their markings are so dark.

I am also able to produce other variations of Seal Lynx Points. In addition to the regular Seal lynx point Bengals I also produce Silver Seal Lynx Points (Silver Snows) and Charcoal Seal Lynx Points (Charcoal Snows). Charcoal Silver Seal Lynx Points, will also be here in the near future.


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