KotyKatz Super Moon

KotyKatz Super Moon

Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal


KotyKatz Super Moon, or Moonie for short, is a silver seal lynx point Bengal and son to our very own KotyKatz Yaksha.

Moonie’s ability to produce many colors and patterns made him a valuable asset to our breeding program. Moonie is silver seal lynx point that also carries the wild agouti gene Apb. Because he carries the Apb gene this also means he could produce charcoal patterned kittens along with spotted or marble kittens depending on the genetics of his mate. Moonie could produce the colors brown, silver, and seal lynx point, silver seal lynx point, seal mink, and silver seal mink. Moonie is retired now and happily living with his beautiful sister KotyKatz Silver Spoon. (totally spoiled too I might add)

❤ HCM: Normal 2015        PK-def : N/K           PRA : N/N

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