Meghan – Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten

Meghan – 10 weeks

Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten


Queen : KotyKatz Godiva
Stud : Poolside Rascal Cats of KotyKatz
Availability : Meghan is no longer available

Meghan is a beautiful early generation Bengal Kitten and is now available! Pictured here at 10 weeks of age. CLICK HERE FOR CURRENT VIDEO Meghan is beautifully rosetted with great patterns. As she matures, the currently Bengal fuzzies will go away and her coat will become very sleek. Additionally Meghan’s pattern will sharpen, becoming incredibly eye catching. Meghan is an absolute purr machine and her Bengal purr motor is just non stop!


Meghan 10 weeks


Meghan – 6 weeks

Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten


Pictured here at 6 weeks of age, Meghan is a brown rosetted Bengal, full of fun and wonderment. Just look at her play.


Meghan 6 weeks