KotyKatz Winters Dalience

KotyKatz Winters Dalience

Seal Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal Queen



Winny is the winning combined efforts of two catteries. RW SGC AC Speakeasy Cowboy’s Last Ride of A-Kerr’s (Ryder) was paired with our very own KotyKatz Ponyo to get this very well structured, rosetted, and precious little lady.

A big thank you to A-kerr’s Bengals and my long time friend Samantha Kerr! And of course a thank you to Speakeasy cattery’s Chris Jacobson! Winny can produce Brown, Seal Lynx point, and Silver (depending on the genetics of her mate), in charcoal, spotted and marble patterns.

Let me introduce myself to you! Click here to see a glimpse of my personality!

❤HCM: Negative 10/1/23        PK-def : N/N            PRA : N/N
If you’d like to see Winny’s pedigree, please click here.


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