Colby – Brown Marble Male Bengal Kitten

Colby – Brown Marble Male Bengal Kitten Stud : BengalScape Ocelot Queen : KotyKatz Funky Fidget Availability : Available   Colby is a brown marble patterned Bengal. As he grows his pattern will change and he will get more and more handsome! If you are unfamiliar with marble patterned Bengals you can send me an email and I will send you some pictures of how they can look as adults. Newsletter If you would like to receive updates on this or any of our other kittens, please…

Planned Bengal Kitten Litters

Planned Bengal Kitten Litters Now Accepting Advance Deposits on Upcoming Bengal Kitten Litters! We are now accepting advance deposits on  upcoming Bengal kitten litters due in the next few months! Stud: BengalScape Ocelot Queen: KotyKatz Ice Storm The last litter between Ocelot and Ice Storm produced a rainbow litter of Melanistic, silver, seal lynx point and brown little kittens. We can’t wait to see what happens this time around!