KotyKatz Barchen

KotyKatz Barchen

Brown Rosetted Bengal Queen



Born to the very handsome  Rascal and our very own KotyKatz  Godiva, KotyKatz Barchen is a very warm colored brown rosetted Bengal with a beautiful pattern!  Her beautiful rosetted body has no vertical markings and has a beautiful horizontal flow. Barchen is completely covered in glitter, has an excellent structure, and boning. Barchen is just as sweet as you can imagine.  She loves to play and gives lots of kisses. Her personality is that of a southern belle; well mannered and very lady like. Barchen carries for seal lynx point, as proven by her beautiful daughter and our queen KotyKatz Ponyo. Barchen is also Mom to our KotyKatz Fugimoto and upcoming KotyKatz Berlin.

We can’t wait to see what there is to come from Barchen and her offspring in the future!! Please feel free to check out kitten pages for upcoming litters!

❤ HCM Negative March 21, 2017 PK-def : N/N            PRA : N/N

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