KotyKatz Argyria

KotyKatz Argyria

Soft Silver Bengal Queen



KotyKatz Argyria, or Reggi for short, is a soft silver Bengal. She has the same coloration as her dad Poolside Rascal Cats of KotyKatz. She has wonderful chained rosetting and gorgeous eye color!

The color silver is not found in the Bengal wild ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat, because it does not help for camouflage. However if you look at Reggi’s outstanding pattern you can definitely see where her ancestors come into play!

Reggi is very active and loves to play,  just like her mom Latvia. She has great intelligence and can be a very mischievous cat which adds to the humor of the household!

❤ HCM: Negative February 17, 2018       PK-def : N/N                    PRA : N/N

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