KotyKatz Berlin

KotyKatz Berlin

Brown Rosetted Bengal Queen


This little girl has it all! Hygge is a great mix of mom KotyKatz Barchen and dad Bengalscape Ocelot. Beautiful rosetting, very intense facial markings, and as she matures the rofous coloration in her face will come in a bit on the background color of her body. We can’t wait to watch her grow! She is under evaluation as a potential breeder/show cat.

Barchen’s little ones are growing fast! 2 weeks went by really quick! Both of our little brown rosetted girls, Hygge and Malina, have great color. When I planned this breeding I had hopes they would get mom’s bright rofous color and dad’s jet black rosetting. Some of that color that you see in their faces will also show up in their background color as they mature. Gotta l love when a plan works! (:



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