KotyKatz Berlin

KotyKatz Berlin

Brown Rosetted Bengal Queen


Berlin has gotten the best features from both of her parents, KotyKatz Barchen & Bengalscape Ocelot! Her pattern is perfect with no vertical markings and a nice horizontal flow. We love the very crisp outline to her rosetting and beautiful facial expression. Berlin will start producing in early 2019. With her very sweet and fun Bengal personality the babies are sure to be little treasures! We are very excited that she is a carrier for seal lynx point! Berlin will only produce spotted/rosetted, she does not carry for marble pattern.

Let me introduce myself to you! Click here to see a glimpse of my personality!


Professional Photography by Helmi Flick Cat Photography. Berlin shown here at 8 months of age.

❤HCM: Negative 9/16/20        PK-def : N/N              PRA : N/N

You can see Berlin’s pedigree, by clicking here.


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