Bengalscape Estonia Of KotyKatz

Bengalscape Estonia Of KotyKatz Bengalscape Estonia Of KotyKatz – Seal Lynx Point Bengal Queen Thank you to Audrey Kaiser of Bengalscape Bengals for adding Bengalscape Estonia of Kotykatz to our breeding program! With specific goals in mind for our seal lynx point Bengals and silver seal lynx point Bengals, this little girl fits the bill in her beautiful color, contrast, and wonderful quirky personality! Estonia has been bred to our silver Bengal stud Champion Poolside Rascal Cats and we hope to see some outstanding babies born,…

KotyKatz Halo – Seal Lynx Point Bengal

Halo is a gorgeous rosetted seal lynx point Bengal who came to us from Witchinghour Bengals! She has a fantastic personality and is always ready for fun and games. When paired with KotyKatz Echo, Halo produces very nicely rosetted seal lynx point and silver seal lynx point Bengal kittens. For information on adding one of her babies to your home please check our availability page or contact me! If you’d like to see Halo’s pedigree, click here.