Belafire Jewls Song of KotyKatz

Belafire Jewls Song of KotyKatz

Brown Rosetted Bengal Queen

Belafire Jewls 7 Months

Belafire Jewls Song of KotyKatz will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program! Jewls is a very typey girl with a super personality. She currently shows a nice whited belly, time will tell if it stays. We can’t wait to see the wonderful kittens she will produce when matched up with the boys here. I thank my good friend Hollie Baker from Belafire Bengals for making Jewls possible!

Let me introduce myself to you! Click here to see a glimpse of my personality!

If you’d like to see Jewl’s pedigree, please click here.

❤ PK-def : N/N PRA : N/N


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