Silver Lynx Point Bengal KotyKatz Yaksha


Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal

Yaksha is a breeder Queen
Queen : KotyKatz Halo
Stud : KotyKatz Echo

Above, Yaksha is enjoy some sun & laying down.

Yaksha has one of the biggest personalities of any cat I have ever owned! She is as sweet as she is beautiful. Perfectly rosetted from head to tail with no rib bars. Yaksha is a Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal. She can have silver, seal lynx point, and brown Bengal kittens which makes every litter a wonderful surprise!

She is an absolute delight, very playful, and a wonderful Queen! Please be sure to check back for updated photos & videos.

❤ HCM: Normal 2014        PK-def : N/K                    PRA : N/N

If you’d like to see Yaksha’s pedigree, please click here.

Yaksha – 10 Months

Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal

Silver Seal Lynx Point - Yaksha 10 months

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Yaksha – 7 Months

Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal

This is our upcoming queen Yaksha pictured here at 7 months of age. She is just the most beautiful silver seal lynx point I have ever seen. Yaksha also has a super loving personality and LOVES to play. Her biggest skill is jumping and will leap 5 feet in the air chasing her toys!

Silver Seal Lynx Point - Yaksha 7 months