KotyKatz Echo & BengalGlitz Lollipop of KotyKatz Kittens 10 Weeks

Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten Litter

Echo and Lollipop’s kittens are now 10 weeks old and ready for new homes!  Please contact me for more information!

Damien Male Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten


Damien is a very sweet and very playful! He loves to play with mylar wands and his buddy Yaksha.  He is perfecting his jumping skills so as to jump right into your heart!

(No Longer Available!)



Raven Female Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten

Raven is a chatty, sweet, little kitty. She likes to curl up in your lap.  She loves to play and to be a part of everything you do.  She’s sure to be your best friend.

(No Longer Available!)


Eve Female Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten


Eve is a gorgeous rosetted kitten. She’s very spunky and loves to bounce around.  Her favorite toy is the mylar ball.  She is sure to take your breath away!

(No Longer Available!)