KotyKatz Funky Fidget

KotyKatz Funky Fidget

Seal Lynx Point Bengal Queen



KotyKatz Funky Fidget is not only a gorgeous Seal Lynx Point Bengal, she’s also the perfect mix of personality.

I love how she is constantly keeping me on my toes with her shenanigans. I think sometimes they wrote the saying curiosity killed the cat for this girl in particular. She constantly is investigating….everything!!

Fidget has been UC Davis color tested and is a carrier of both Apb and also A2, both inherited from the Asian Leopard cat. Another thing that Fidget carries for is Dilute (Blue). We have a feeling we’ll be seeing some VERY interesting offspring from our Fidget!

❤ HCM: Negative September 17, 2019
If you’d like to see Funky Fidget’s pedigree, please click here.

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