KotyKatz Studs

Listed below you will find our current gorgeous Bengal Studs.

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LotsOfSpots Compton of KotyKatz

  Compton comes to us from our good friend Melissa Dorko (Lotsofspots Bengals) in the wonderful state of Texas! Compton is a Silver Seal Lynx Point. Seal Lynx Points can take longer to get their color so we are just now really seeing those beautiful rosettes. Compton has a beautiful face and head shape with…

KotyKatz Maximo

  Max is the beautiful combination of both of his parents, RW QGC/CH KS Bengals Bruce Wayne and KotyKatz Berlin. He has a super clear background with vivid rosetted spots that look like the jump right off his coat! Max does not carry the genetics to produce marble patterned kittens so no matter who he…