KotyKatz Oka

KotyKatz Oka

Brown Charcoal Bengal Queen



Coming from the winning combination of two of our favorite cats, Naples Calusa & KotyKatz Berlin, introducing KotyKatz Oka! Oka shows quite a bit of contrast for a brown charcoal that is this dark. She is covered in sparkling glitter that makes her beautiful coat even more so. Oka can produce Brown, Seal Lynx point, and Silver (depending on the genetics of her mate) in spotted, marble and charcoal patterns.

Let me introduce myself to you! Click here to see a glimpse of my personality!

❤HCM: Negative 10/1/23       PK-def : N/N            PRA : N/N
If you’d like to see Oka’s pedigree, please click here.


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