BengalScape Ocelot and KotyKatz Sniglet Litter has Arrived

KotyKatz Sniglet and BengalScape Ocelot Litter has Arrived



We love these little F3 boys! Sniglet’s little silver marble boy as been named “Nayan” with the meaning “big dark eyes”. His face looks exactly like he’s mom’s did at this age so I expect that means he will get those big gorgeous eyes (:. The handsome silver spotted boy, “Sully” (in the spirit of St. Patty’s Day) has some nice BIG spots that will rosette over the next weeks. Both are going to be softer colored silvers like mom. I can’t wait to see them grow! These kittens are not yet available. Make sure you are signed up to our notification lists for updates!


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