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The importance of a cat carrier for your Bengal

A Bengal Cat Carrier is going to be the most important piece of travel equipment for any Bengal owner who wants to travel with your furry kitty companion. Regardless of travel method, you are going to need to acquire the suitable carrier to keep kitty safe as well as entertained. After all, we want to be certain that your Bengal kitten travels just as safely & comfortable as you do. With so many different choices, however, it can feel rather overwhelming trying to pick the right one. We are going to try to review some of the higher quality pet carriers with a focus on comfort, safety, & price. If you are looking for great pet carriers with great prices,this is a a suitable article which gives some ideas for you.

The Bergan Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

bergan fleece zipper bengal cat carrierbergan bengal cat carrier side
  • Comfort
  • The large steeple gray pet carrier by Bergan is designed specifically to be airline compatible so that you & your pet can travel together with maximum comfort & safety. The removal floor padding is great for washing any accidents along the trip, as well as provides a comfortable bed for the ride. When not traveling, ours are kept stored under our headboard & the Bengals will happily nap on the soft padding fleece. Leaving the carrier out to be discovered is also a great way to familiarize it with your Bengal, & they will be far less apprehensive while being placed within.

  • Safety
  • Each end offers zipper openings, one is a full zip top to bottom, & the other is only half. This allows one easier loading & unloading of pesky Bengals that wish to put up a fight. While the mesh panels are provided for max breathability & ventilation, it should be noted that our most active bengal rubbed his nose raw on a six hour car ride attempting to continually get the zippers open.

    Owners enjoy washable fleece bed, optional shoulder strap, &pet connect side zipper to safely interact and comfort your pet while traveling. The Bergan can carry up to a maximum of 22 lbs, & that is a lot of Bengal Cat!

  • Cost
  • At around $45 dollars the value on this is great. Some of the additional features included with the Bergan are bonus identification tag, 3 exterior pockets, reflective strips, safety belt loops, & zippers.

the Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy

    Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy- TWO SIDE Expansion, Designed for Cats, Dogs, Kittens, Puppies – Extra Spacious, Comfortable, Soft Sided Travel Carrier!

  • Comfort
  • You have never seen your Bengal Kitten more comfortable than you have in the Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy! This is no ordinary pet carrier. The sides unfold a full 10 inches which practically makes this a Bengal Tent. The zipper sides & top hold tight a mesh flap door allowing for full air flow.

  • Safety
  • Safety is where this excels as a Bengal Cat Carrier! Expand out one side, & you can actually strap the entire carrier in with a seat belt! This feature makes this the ultimate in safety of pet carriers.

  • Cost
  • This pet carrier also averages $45 dollars which makes it more versatile, providing safety & value, as well as a plethora of configurable options while traveling.

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