Skipper – Brown Spotted Girl Bengal Kitten

Skipper – Brown Spotted Girl Bengal Kitten

Stud : KotyKatz Kiss This
Queen : Bengalscape Estonia of KotyKatz

Availability : No longer available.


What can we say about this girl that you can’t already see!? She is gorgeous! Skipper is the female version of her dad KotyKatz Kiss This. With huge rosettes and a very interesting chaotic pattern she will definitely be a cat that makes people notice her!


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Skipper gets her name from the leader of the band of penguins from the Penguins of Madagascar. In the cartoon, they are seemingly always on a secret mission with an agenda that involves escaping the confines of the zoo and being free in Antarctica. Of the penguins, he is the second shortest and easily the chubbiest of the group. It is suggested in one episode, that the rest of the penguin gang are warm climate penguins, as the city was having one of the coldest days ever, and the penguins used heat lamps to warm up their habitat. Lastly, he is the only penguin that remembers the penguins credo Never swim alone.

Skipper – Brown Spotted Girl Bengal Kitten 7 weeks