Private – Snow Spotted Girl Bengal Kitten

Private – Snow Spotted Girl Bengal Kitten

Stud : KotyKatz Kiss This
Queen : Bengalscape Estonia of KotyKatz

Availability : No longer available.


This gorgeous large rosetted seal lynx point (snow) Bengal kitten is going to be a looker! It’s harder to see her pattern than her brown siblings but her rosettes will darken as she matures. We hope her pattern will look like her dad’s KotyKatz Kiss This. Being a seal lynx point means she will keep those beautiful blue eyes like mom Estonia.


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Part of our Penguins of Madagascar themed littler, Private gets his name from youngest, chubbiest, and most inexperienced of the penguin group. Often finding to overcome his inexperience and create a win-win solution. Another obstacle that he overcame is despite being the nicest member of the zoo, he was able to defeat Skipper in a training session!