Rey – Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten

Rey – 6 weeks

Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten

Queen : KotyKatz Latvia
Stud : Poolside Rascal Cats of KotyKatz
Availability : No longer available.

At six weeks old, Rey is now available. You can see that her Rosettes are about as black as you can get! Her rosettes are going to be excellent. She has a very pretty face, excellent profile & chin. Rey has a great personality, & a short little fat tail.

Rey – 3 weeks

Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten

Rey 3 weeks

Rey – 1 week

Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten


Rey is a Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten that has a beautiful large rosetting of her silver dad, Poolside Rascal Cats of KotyKatz, however she is a brown Bengal and will have the color of her mother, KotyKatz Latvia. Please be sure to check back often, in order to watch as her rosettes open. She will become more beautiful every week and updated will be provided! Currently, this beautiful Bengal Kitten is under evaluation.

About Rey from Star Wars – The force awakens

She is a scavenger who was left behind on the planet Jakku when just a child. Shortly after encountering Finn, she becomes involved with the Resistance’s conflict with the First Order. While scraping a living through scavenging parts from ships, she discovers BB-8 and ultimately turns down a job offer from Han Solo to work aboard the Millennium Falcon.

From our Star-Wars the force awakens name-themed litter, with Rey, Phasma, Anakin, Kylo, and Porthos.