Brown Rosetted Bengal *Tecspot Riders on the Storm*

I would like to thank Teresa Caudell of Tecspot Bengals  for co owning this wonderful boy with me! Rider has a great solid build with dark rosettes and lots of acreage to his pattern to pass on to his offspring.  He follows me everywhere like a puppy and has a very sweet personalty!     If you’d like to see Rider’s pedigree, click here.

Silver Lynx Point Bengal KotyKatz Yaksha

Yaksha Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal Yaksha is a breeder Queen Queen : KotyKatz Halo Stud : KotyKatz Echo Above, Yaksha is enjoy some sun & laying down. Yaksha has one of the biggest personalities of any cat I have ever owned! She is as sweet as she is beautiful. Perfectly rosetted from head to tail with no rib bars. Yaksha is a Silver Seal Lynx Point Bengal. She can have silver, seal lynx point, and brown Bengal kittens which makes every litter a wonderful…

KotyKatz Halo – Seal Lynx Point Bengal

Halo is a gorgeous rosetted seal lynx point Bengal who came to us from Witchinghour Bengals! She has a fantastic personality and is always ready for fun and games. When paired with KotyKatz Echo, Halo produces very nicely rosetted seal lynx point and silver seal lynx point Bengal kittens. For information on adding one of her babies to your home please check our availability page or contact me! If you’d like to see Halo’s pedigree, click here.

Crystalriver Duma of KotyKatz

Crystalriver Duma of KotyKatz Brown Tri-Colored Marble Bengal Stud   Crystalriver Duma of KotyKatz is a brown tri-colored marble Bengal stud. Pictured here at 4 1/2 years of age, he is just amazing to look at! Duma (pronounced: Doom-a which is Swahili for “Cheetah”) has beautifully outlined rosetting, has stunning contrast, very small ears, a very handsome face & profile. Even his tail is rosetted! Top it off with a VERY, VERY warm and loving personality, perfect! If you’d like to see Duma’s pedigree, please…