Rico – Spotted Snow Boy Bengal Kitten

Rico – Spotted Snow Boy Bengal Kitten Stud : KotyKatz Kiss This Queen : Bengalscape Estonia of KotyKatz Availability : No longer available.     Rico is a very nicely patterned seal lynx point (snow) with great contrast for his age. Rico started out much lighter than his sister Private but has caught up very quickly!  His spotting and rosetting will darken even more with maturity and he will be on the bigger side like his dad. Newsletter If you would like to receive updates on this or…

Casper – Snow Spotted Boy Bengal Kitten

Casper – Snow Spotted Boy Bengal Kitten Queen : KotyKatz Scarlet Rose Stud : WildStyle Swagger or Simply Bengals Availability : No longer available.     Casper is the lightest seal lynx point of the group, but he will darken as he continues to mature. He has such a great horizontal pattern flow. We have hope he will grow into a big guy, just like his dad Simplybengals Swagger. Another beautiful example of the seal lynx/snow Bengal Kitten!