The Thin White Duke – Brown Rosetted Kitten

The Thin White Duke – 6 weeks

 Stud : Simply Bengals Sealed With A Kiss
Queen : KotyKatz Amari
Availability : No longer available.

From our very first, introductory litter between Simply Bengals Sealed With A Kiss & KotyKatz Amari, The Thin White Duke is from our David Bowie Tribute Litter, born on New Years Day. Both parents have huge rosettes and gorgeous color. As you can see, this kitten is just as gorgeous as his parents. He is a brown rosetted kitten with large, well defined rosettes.  He’s got a beautiful rich brown color. Pictured here, playing with his favorite toy, the Mylar wand, you can see that this kitten clearly loves to have fun! With a face that says “It wasn’t me!” love and attention is at the top of this little guy’s must have list!


The Thin White Duke – 4 weeks

 Duke 4 weeks

The Thin White Duke – 2 weeks

 Thin White Duke

The Thin White Duke – 1 week

The thin white Duke - David Bowie Tribute Litter

About The Thin White Duke

David Bowie’s personification of the Thin White Duke primarily identified with his album Station to Station, released in 1976. The Duke was said to have been a hollow man who sang such songs of passion without feeling anything. Seemingly one of Bowie’s more “normal” personas, with impeccable style, he was said to be ice masquerading as fire.

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