Ziggy Stardust – Brown Marble Kitten

Ziggy Stardust – 5 weeks

 Stud – Simply Bengals Sealed With A Kiss
Queen –  KotyKatz Amari
Availability – No longer available.

From our very first, introductory litter between Simply Bengals Sealed With A Kiss & KotyKatz Amari, Ziggy Stardust is from our David Bowie tribute litter, born on New Years day. Both parents have huge rosettes and gorgeous color. As you can see, this kitten is just as gorgeous as her parents. She  is a beautiful representation of a brown marble Bengal kitten. Her eyes are so full of wonderment. Look at her dive at the Mylar wand toy!


Ziggy Stardust – 4 weeks

 Stardust 4 weeks

 Ziggy Stardust – 1 week

Ziggie Stardust - David Bowie Tribute Litter

About Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust.  A Bowie persona, a song, a concept album, a concert film. We believe this is one of Bowie’s most influential movements.  It was so unique and the influences that came from this era are endless. He says it affected his own personality and was hard to separate himself personally from Ziggy. The whole production of Ziggy Stardust, be it the persona, the song, the album, etc was a throw to the theatrical.

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